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Our Goto Place

We all love papas. Order in when we don't feel like cookin. Never fails us. These guys are the pizza and pasta specialists i tell ya. Real Good. Hi Papa! DB



Unreal Lazangna

This lasagna is Unreal. My God man. Nice work. Delicious. Thanks Papa!


GOOD pizza!

Sam makes some GOOD pizza !


Best Lasagna Ever..

Papa's got some unbelievable lasagna. Cooks it to perfection. Lip smacking good. Its an addiction. Papa's da bomb.


Its Just Great!

 Simply great pizza!

It's just awesome pizza!

Yummy. This place has the best pizza in town. The sauce is yummy, the crust is perfect, the cheese is gooey. It's just awesome pizza! Highly recommend them if you are in the north east part of town.


Fresh and the cheese was perfect!

We read the reviews and decided to get some take out. We ordered a large traditional and the ingredients were fresh and the cheese was perfect! Great crust. Pricier than the average pizza place but a treat!


Service is always fast and polite.

Good pizza. Service is always fast and polite. Room is bright and clean. We've been ordering here for years, about once a month. Always good pizza and pasta. Glad that there is a good local independent pizza joint.


Funking Great Man!

Funking great!. Dees guys make amaziballs pizza! Get it, got it, good!


I'd give their pizza 9 out of 10

I was in the mood for some pizza and this place had good reviews so I went and got a walk in special. It was very good. I'd give their pizza a 9 out of 10. They have a unique taste and they are not cheap with the cheese. The crust is soft with just the right amount of crunch, very tasty crust. Great experience and I will definitely add this place to my small list of pizza places I order from.


Best pizza in Edmonton

I found they do best pizza in edmonton and best services and fast delivery.


Love this Pasta Joint.

Love this place!. I've been wanting to write about this for a while. This is hands down my favourite place to get pizza! Love the ingredients they use and they are always quick and friendly! We recommend this place to everyone ­čÖé

Dr. B

Great Pizza..

The pizza here is AWESOME!


Pizza is Great, Lasagna is Awesome

This is a family business. Everything the owner makes is the best. Pizza is great, lasagna is awesome. . They are not cheap on ingredients always lots of cheese and pasta sauce. I feel you get your money worth from this business. The store is always clean as well. They always have a special deal on some dishes too. I've eaten there for the last 6 years and if you want take out this is definitely the place to eat. If you love Italian then you will love this place.
The owner is a great guy as well!


Papa's has my Favorite Pizza

Papa's has my favorite pizza around these parts. Do not care for pizza 73, pizzahut, etc after having papa's baked pizza.


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10% OFF Large orders of $200 and above. School, Business and Special Occasion.
Papas Baked Pizza | Ph: (780)472-8111 | Located at #1, 13508 Victoria Trail

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